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How We Began and Where We're Headed

When two creative, passionate, entrepreneurial social workers join forces, anything is possible!   Having both had significant life events that set us on our spiritual path and significant people in our life who brought new ideas that resonated  and spurred our growth, Jo and Chelsea have been evolving together, personally, professionally, and spiritually for over 15 years.  We have both worked to take the lesson each experience could offer and have developed a shared commitment to healing our hearts, trying to live our best life, and working to leave this world better than we found it.   After having had the privilege to lead workshops and do healing work alongside some of our closest friends and colleagues, we've decided to take the next step on our journey together and develop Beauty Way to both continue our growth and support others in doing the same.   We are excited to take bring a holistic approach to serving our clients, friends, and community.

About Us

Meet the Team

JoAnn Clough, Peg Davis, Chelsea Ambrose
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